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Online Biofloc Training

Here I will tell you about Online Biofloc Training.

Online Biofloc Training Center's research scope covered numerous areas including induced maturation, larval rearing, and nutrition of several Penaeid shrimp species. In addition, Online Biofloc Training Center performed numerous studies in indoor raceways and outdoor ponds to develop new concepts in sustainable, biosecured, biofloc-dominated intensive nursery and grow-out systems.

Online Biofloc Training Center also conducted research on aquaculture effluent water remediation using Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) system, halophyte, and microalgae. As part of Online Biofloc Training Center job responsibility as Director of R&D, he was heavily involved in technology transfer to commercial producers and industry related businesses.

Online Biofloc Training Course

Aquaculture is the farming of water creatures for human consumption. As global fish resources come under increasing pressure to meet demand, this is an industry that continues to grow rapidly.

This course is concerned with the culture and care of fresh water aquatic animals and focuses on Trout, Barramundi, Bass, Marron, Red Claw and the Yabbie.

You will learn about:

  • Production systems.
  • Feeding.
  • Harvesting.
  • Health of fish.
  • How to set up of an aquaculture venture, and more.

Information About Online Biofloc Training

If you have ever got interested in Biofloc and searched videos on the internet about this the new fish farming technique, you must have come across several training videos, lots of success stories and testimonies from so-called expert farmers.

YouTube has been infested by such infotainment videos of the fish farmer, who are trying to sell their training programmers to new hobbyists or unemployed youth.

There is one common contain in all these videos, Everyone seems to be an expert on Biofloc Technology and can provide the best advice about the system with the warning to be aware of fake trainers who are misguiding new farmer. Almost everyone who just started Biofloc Farming, now running a training programmer. As I pointed out earlier, it seems that there is more money in training than in actual production itself.

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